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voter. yeah. let's go to rick in los angeles. you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, rick. >> caller: hey, steph -- [overlapping speakers] >> caller: i think the problem with romney, these are not gaffes that he is making. his real core personality is coming out, and what that is somebody who has been nurtured through the mormon church they revere males, and don't question them even at an early age. he is a rich kid who has always had his way. he has benefited from being supported by daddy all through his business career, and it is a really safe environment for somebody who is essentially a sociopath to give. >> stephanie: yeah, i think of all of the disturbing things on the video that was one of the most disturbing. i inherited nothing. i did all of this by myself. >> stephanie: really your father ran a car company and you did all of this on your own. >> caller: yeah. people need to be aware that -- that this kind of thing happens, and, you know, people need help and not [ inaudible ] at a certain point. >> mitt romney was born on third base and thou
in los angeles. good morning, peter. welcome to "the stephanie miller show." >> caller: thank you john. good morning to you and everybody else. >> john: thank you. >> caller: i do want to talk about on saturday, you will not believe with somebody who lives so far in the bubble it is incredible. i wanted to comment quickly on the conventions were two totally different opposites. the one with the republicans was three days of yes i did build that. attacking. but the democratic one was just three wonderful days of each person, each speaker talking about all of the accomplishments of president obama. >> john: exactly. there was one loser i thought at the democratic convention. anthony villaraigosa. the way he had the big teleprompter problem. with the photo showing the speech with the election -- >> predetermined. but anyway, i was in a -- shall we say a shopping place -- i don't know if i have to mention the name of it. begins with c ends with o. mitt says mostco. >> i was there on saturday doing some shopping and i
of the steph heads already. >> yes, please. >> john: my god joyce in los angeles you have been on hold for a long time i'm guessing you are a huge fan of mitt romney and paul ryan am i right? >> caller: my god, no. i have had the misfortune of watching them on the stump. these are not stupid men, and it seems like they are doing everything in their power to make us think they are really silly and stupid and don't have it all together -- >> john: they are trying to appear silly and stupid -- >> caller: well, they are stilly and stupid. and some of the things that have come out this week are just insane. >> john: specifically? >> caller: i believe everything they say they are going to do they are going to pull the safety net out from under the seniors. i am a senior. my only saving grace is i'm a veteran, so there's not much they can do with my health care unless they completely destroy the va system. i don't want the white house to be sucked. i don't want people to start thinking, they are not so bad. because they really are going to do these horrible things. i don't
into the fray in the current tv center? los angeles. good morning lisa. >> hey, steph. good morning, everyone. michelle obama and bill clinton speechers have garnered plenty of positive attention. the president's appearance tonight is likely to do the same, and he is up in some of the polls. [ inaudible ] right now has him with a six-point lead over romney in new jersey. apparently republicans did not get that message or perhaps more likely they are trying to distract from it. the rnr is without a new ad this morning. >> listen, this just isn't working. it has been four years. you have changed. your spending is out of control, and you are always out with hollywood celebrities. >> looks like they are trying to paint him as a big spender who takes a lot of vacations and hangs without the rich. i'm sure you can see the irony there. team romney has plenty of ad money at his disposal right now reporting a $100 million haul in august, not to mention the $165 million he now has access to now that he is the official nominee. luckily for the democrats, though, they are bringing in
weeks ago. >> big shopping mall here in los angeles. >> stephanie: right, right, i knew that. >> when was the last time you were at the grove? [ applause ] >> i can't picture you at the grove. you don't deal with crowds well. >> stephanie: i could have been! we need this rumor! [ laughter ] someone wrote oh, good, jodie has finally saw an equal. i'm thinking if she saw that! [ screaming ] i'm an a-list oscar winner that, fart joke -- [ ♪ magic wand ♪ ] i don't know how to operate my own box i've been gone so long. [farting sounds] >> stephanie: i have a complaint letter from rocky mountain mike regarding the use of my sound effects box. which i don't travel with ever since that -- the incident in reno. >> shot a man just to watch him die? >> stephanie: no. >> we don't talk about it. >> stephanie: john fuglesang and my box. steph, although i love listening to john fuglesang when you're away he does not play with your box properly. sometimes he hits the right button and it is highly effective produ
any other show. >> except for that one in los angeles. >> stephanie: but we made up for it. john did you get my top-secret announcement about who the celebrity panelist was in new york. >> yes, and i have confirmed our top-secret announcement for our panelist in seattle. >> stephanie: i don't know if you have heard this but we will be protested by the baptist church. >> yeah, we'll see. >> stephanie: so we had to take away money from our charity for extra security. john wrote i'll be making a direct donation to cover up some of the difference. >> i just got chills. that is so cool. >> stephanie: we will give generously as we always do, john, but obviously there are show expenses -- you remember in philadelphia we were giving money to planned parenthood and somebody pulled the fire alarm. we had to clear the theater 20 minutes in advance -- >> i just hope the west burrow baptist church shows this time. they threaten to picket my shows all the time. >> stephanie: really. i'm going to go hang with them. >> you are going to give shirley phelps some cream rinse >> stepha
gave you the money. [♪ somber music ♪] >> stephanie: yeah. let's go to maria in los angeles. hi, maria. >> caller: hi. i appreciate you taking my call. i think you touched on this but the main irony in the quote that you had from romney this morning is not the 47% that aren't paying their taxes because they can't, it's the 1% that are the entitled bums that are not paying their taxes. >> stephanie: yeah that's the irony. that's why he is not releasing them is harry reid is probably right. particularly in some years. we brought this up because you said it we pay income -- we pay payroll tax, sales tax >> tax on gasoline -- >> stephanie: that's not fair to say they don't pay anything. of course they do. >> caller: i think what escapes a lot of people that are just envious that the 1% get away with not paying taxes is who pay his taxes? we do. we have to pay the portion he is not paying. >> stephanie: yeah. by the way mittens you didn't build that. you got money from daddy, and oh, yes -- what we just said government stuff roads to your business. what the president was ta
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7